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Default Working with Attachments

I’m developing a point of sale database and I am stuck. I have a form that is used to supply information about products (product name, department, price, quantity on hand) which I call the ProductAndInventoryForm. I included an attachment field so the user can attach a picture of the product which will display on the Point of Sale Form next to a button to add this item to the purchase. The user selects a department on a subform of the point of sale form and another subform lists the products (up to a total of 16 products) in the command buttons and displays a picture of the product above the button (if I can get this to work).
My problem is I can't figure a way to select the attachment from a recordset of products and assign the value of the image to the image control on the subform so the image can be displayed above the command button for the sale of that product. I am at a loss, can anyone help?