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Default Programatically Change Paramet Of ObjectDataSource

I have a GridView that points to an ObjectDataSource.
This ObjectDataSource's update method is:

Public Shared Function Upsert(ByVal myPaintingType As PaintingType) As Integer
    Return PaintingTypeDB.Save(myPaintingType)
End Function

Where myPaintingType is, obviously, my own object that has one field called "url".

My problem is that I have chnaged the "URL" column of the Gridview to a template so that I can change the "editItemTemplate" of URL to have a FileUpload control. I cannot figure out how to programatically change the "url" property of my object to the filename of the fileupload.

(Typically, you would have a textbox that "Binds" to the URL value--but I am deleting the textbox and putting the fileupload)

I have created a "Sub" in the codebehind of the page to try to capture the Gridview1 updating or the ObjectDataSOurce updating functions..but I don't know how to take the filename from the fileupload and put into the object that is being passed to the update method of my business layer.

Please help.

Kind Regards,

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