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Default SQL Server?

I got as far as page 17 before my learning came to a screeching halt.
Seems that I need SQL Server 2005 in order to use this book. Before buying the book I reviewed the "What You Need to Use this Book" section of the Introduction to confirm that I had everything needed. No Problem. But, when I reached the "Creating a Database to Manage Users and Roles" it failed due to the an in-ablilty to connect to SQL Server. I had SQL Server 2000 installed and have had many years of success using it with VS6, and VS03. I tried using the aspnet_sqlreg.exe utility but it failed to connect as well. Do I need to install SQL Server 2005? If so, then what of the 2000 Servers. Also, which edition, Standard, Developer, or Enterprise (tried this on and only go client stuff). Any help in this would be cool.