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Default Chapter Three

I am hoping to use your book as a guideline to creating a syllabus for teaching web design at a high school in Massachusetts.

Just some background--I am not new to computers. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science, was in the industry for 20 years and have taught computers at the college level for 15 years and at the public school level for 4. So, I am no novice to computers.

I am finding that the files for download for Chapter Three do not match the book. There is an Assets folder as described and an Images folder as described but no Files folder as described. There are HMTL files under the the _vti_cnf directory that are designated as HTML files but it seems these should be under the Files directory and not the _vti_cnf directory (main, aboutus,contactus, default, solutions, support).

In any case, the downloads for this Chapter 3 do not match the book and without any pictures of what this should look like I am somewhat up a creek. Can you help?

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