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Default Beer House developer

I've been thinking of trying to get some small contract work as a Beer House developer. That is to say I wouldn't look for just any kind of web project but only projects that lend themselves to a Beer House solution. I would be a sort of Beer House customizer. This lowers my risk considerably. I would just point a potential customer to one or more of the Beer House sites. If they wanted something like what they saw I would be pretty sure I could produce a site they would accept.

The Beer House has a number of advantages as a development platform:
  • It works
  • It is very, very well documented
  • There is a developer community
  • It is easy modify and deploy
  • It provides a lot of functionality
  • It is built on industrial strength technologies

It should be possible to create a deploy a TBH site for $1K to $3K. There are a lot of customers at that price point - I think. For bigger projects someone else here might want to partner with me.

So am I crazy? Is this legal? Is this sort of thing OK with WROX?