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Default Find a Particular Word

hi all!

I'm just about doing a "Try it out" in Beg ASP 3.0 - Chapter 10 - about displaying a Directory. Of course I want to spice it up a bit with some adds of my own.. :)

Everything's just working fine till I got myself this hard nut to crack..

You see, I want to display the Server Path as you can obtain with

but then I only want to display the ONE Parent folder of the .asp file I'm browsing

So I figured, Using the "Finding a Particular Word" - string manipulator - Instr(string, "/") - would be a nice aid for the task.

Only that, the Instr() returns the value of the first occurrence of the "/" starting from the left

Now, Is there a way to make a Instr() search starting from the right?
That I think would just do it! :D

/ Paw
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