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Default How to redirect a web page


I'm new in this forum

I need some help

I' ve created a php page, this have a form with method="post" and I get some error when someone press F5 key

So, I create a new page with the php code needed when submit, then in this page i use header to redirect to the first page, but it doesn't work

Here are the to codes

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" action="Incluir.php" name="FrmCorreos" method="post">
        <table width="77%"border="1" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff">
                <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" align="center" style="color:#000000;">
                      <td width="25%"><strong>Contacto</strong></td>
                        <td width="75%" align="left"><input name="TxtContacto" type="text" class="Estilo1" size="50%" maxlength="50"></td>
                        <td width="25%"><strong>Correo Electr&oacute;nico</strong></td>
                        <td align="left"><input name="TxtCorreo" type="text" class="Estilo1" size="80%" maxlength="200"></td>
                        <td width="25%"><strong>Archivo</strong></td>
                        <td align="left"><input name="TxtArchivo" type="file" class="Estilo1" size="80%" maxlength="200"></td>
                        <td width="25%"><strong>Envio</strong></td>
                        <td align="left">
                            Informaci&oacute;n Comercial<input name="TxtEnvioIC" type="checkbox" class="Estilo1">
                            Archivo<input name="TxtEnvioAr" type="checkbox" class="Estilo1">
                          <td width="25%"><strong>Observaciones</strong></td>
                          <td align="left"><textarea name="TxtNota" cols="80%" class="Estilo1"></textarea></td>
                        <td colspan="2" align="right"><input type="submit" name="Accion" value="Agregar"></td>



  include ("./Include/Bases.php");
  require './Include/Configuracion.ini';

    //echo "<PRE> GET :";print_r($_GET);echo "POST :";print_r($_POST);echo "</PRE>";
    $base = new Base($Host,$Usuario,$Clave,$BD);
    if (isset($_POST["Accion"])){
            $Sql= "INSERT INTO TableroCorreos (Contacto,Email,Adjunto,Observaciones,Procesado) Values('$TxtContacto','$TxtCorreo','$DirArchivo',' TxtNota',0)";

    header("");// Here is the error

Everything is right, just the header line is wrong

if someone can help me i'll be so glad.

PD: sorry i not good with English.