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Default CSS and Forums

Css has been giving me trouble tonight. I tried making the left and right columns a bit wider. After buttloads of frustration for not getting anywhere, I discovered my left column wasn't getting wider because I didn't refresh my page.

However, I'm having some issues with the right column. Specifically, if I make it wider, it almost looks as if it falls behind the maincontent. I.e. the search button is only shown half.

Also, i don't think I played with the width on my actual uploaded site yet (, but if you look real close, you can see there's a tony little line of gray at the edge of the right-hang column. I assume that never was visible, because it has/had the same colour as the rightcol had before. However, as you can see, I changed the colours, and now that shows. I tried mucking aorund with it a little bit, but also, again, to no avail.

I haven't had time to dig into the AJAX thing yet. I kept getitng new errors and popups, but now those errors only occur after being logged in for about ten minutes, without any activity. Very weird. Still no clue where to look for a session-time parameter or option.

Also, I've been looking into forums. My users are used to vBulletin, and compared to that, TBH forums stink. I've pondered just coding a lot myself, but frankly I'd rather spend my time on other parts of the site. Heck, if users would pick too big a picture as avatar (my users will want their own pictures), the completely forum layout is messed up as it is :(

I've found a few available forums, though (all ASP.NET), and I'd even be willing to go as far as tieing into vBulletin and just copying my user's login stuff in there, and installing some PHP host.

What's your thoughts? I'm most likely going to try and install a few of the forums I found, and let my test-team play around in them to see what they think covers their needs best. I'm more than willing to look into generating the database code, but it's the UI parts of self-generated forum addons that worries me most. I suck at layout, to be honest, and the fact my missus happens to have a keen eye for that kind of stuff doesn't exactly help :p