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Default Automated tool to convert XML from DTD to DTD

Hi… this is regarding XML to XML conversion, based on different DTDs

I have one XML file based on a given DTD, I am trying to convert the XML content to a new XML based on a different DTD.

DTD 2 is a subset of DTD 1 with different element names. DTD1 is huge, DTD2 as well. I started to do this manually but it is taking a lonf time. I am trying to get some automated program tool to generate me a XLST transform to go from existing XML 1 (using DTD 1) to generated XML 2 (using DT2). Something that allows me to map the DTD elements and attributes, say, element “A” in XML 1 transforms into element “A1” in XML 2, so it then generates XSL for me. Do you know of any tool that would do that?

Thanks in advance for your time, I really appreciate it


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