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Default Using Variables to Count Unique Records


I am having a problem displaying values of variables calculated in custom code and displayed in report group footers.


Group 1 Person - Initialize Counts to 0 and found logicals to False
Group 2 Company
Detail Person A Company A Sale 1 On-Time
              Person A Company A Sale 1 Late
              Person A Company B Sale 1 Late
              Person A Company B Sale 1 Late
Group 2 Nothing Displayed - Initialize found logicals to False
Group 1 Number of Orders: 4
               Number of Unique Company Orders On-Time: 1
               Number of Unique Company Orders Late: 2

The problem is that the last two counts are always 0. When I display the counts in the detail line they are correct. When I remove the initialize found logicals from group footer 2 the counts are the values of the first detail record. It appears that the header and footer calculations run at the same time. How do I stop this?

thanks for your help.

Dallas C Miller