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Default Private Key with Associated Certificate

I used the Unix 'keytool' to generate a private key with associated certificate in my Unix Server A. Then I wrote a SSL Java Server program in that server A. I brought up the server program using the private key that I just generated, it is find. Then I exported the certificate without the private key and imported as the trusted certificate in my pc. I wrote a SSL Java client program on my pc named B. I brought up my client program connecting the ssl server in the Unix server. It worked fine. Now my client can send and receive messages from the server under ssl tcp connection.

Now my question is how can I export the private key with the associate certificate and import to the other machine, it could be Unix, Linux, PC, or IBM Mainframe so I can bring up my server program using the same private key in any of the machine and my client program can communicate with my server program.

If anyone has the steps or the sample programs showing me how to perform the export and import the private key with associate certificate, It would be great and I appreciate very much . Thanks


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