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Default Frustration with VB Editor

Hi Guys and Gals,

Got a hopefully nice and simple one for you, that unfortunately I can't seem to find a solution to it.

The access vba editor wants to move the cursor back one or more characters at random times, and the syntax guide no longer appears. For example i can be typing the word "then" and pressing return and by the time i move my finger from n to return the cursor has moved back two characters so i then get the red syntax error.

It also suddenly changes the keyboard layout from UK to USA. This happens in different ways in different forms and modules. E.g. in form frmabc it works normally and everything is hunky dory and in form frmxyz it works crazy.

I can go to the form itself and the keyboard works fine so please anyone help!!!

If anyone else has a solution to this it would be gratefully received as this is driving me nuts at the moment.

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