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Default Some doubts about WebBrowser Control

 My first post :).
 I am working on an application, which has a webbrowser control on one of the forms. The user is directed to a web address. If the user downloads a file from there(.zip,.rar), a "Save file" dialog(same as that of IE) pops up. I want the total information about the download in my application, and not this pop-up window. I am not using HTTPWebRequest due to a simple reason that I am not sure of the URL of the download.
 I was successful in showing the progress via ProgressChange event, when the user browses the webpages, but during the download(i.e the pop-up window), the progress is unknown.How can i avoid that pop-up and instead show everydetail in the application?Also save the file to a pre-specified location,I have already tried Webclient class.
Any help appreciated :)