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Default Sql Cache dependency with objectdatasource

I am trying to using objectdatasource control to implement catching.

There is a gridview. which is bind to objectdatasource control.

business object & select method with all arguments are set with object datasource control.

I configure my sql server database for sqlcachedependency notification.
Also i configure the one table for notification from where i retrieved data in select method.

Also i set the database with sqlcachedependency in web.config.

Now i set enableCaching property of objectdatasource control to true.

Then set SqlCacheDependency property of objectdatasource to database:table format.

I run the page.

It works properly with out any error.

But the problem is it calls select method only first time.

when there is change in table , it does not call select method and populate gridview with new data.

I could not find the reason yet.

Can any friend help me to solve.