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Default Chapter 5 - Web Services Sample

I've been working through this book for the past week or 2 and I am trying to follow along with every sample in the book so that I can get the most out of what I am reading. I've found that there is very little commenting of code done by the authors to help explain what they are doing and there have been a few instances so far where the examples provided by the authors do not work.

In Chapter 5 the first couple of sample applications work as expected if you follow along, but the last sample application for Web Services is very difficult to follow. Its almost as if the author of the chapter felt the topic was too difficult to communicate in a sample so he didn't really try.

For example, on page 227 item 2 the instruction says to right-click on the Web References folder and select Add Web Reference. The problem is that there is no Web References folder. I right-clicked the project and selected Add Web Reference and was brought to the dialog box referenced by the author.

Item 3 instructs the reader to do a couple of steps and click "ok", referencing Figure 5-17. The problem is that there is no "OK" button to click. The instruction should be click "Add Reference".

Item 4 takes you through a couple of steps and discusses that the app.config file will be created and refers the reader to Figure 5-18. In that screen shot there is no app.config file. In addition, in that screen shot there are NUMEROUS other files (ConfigReader.cs, User.cs, etc....) listed in the Solution Explorer section of the screen shot. I have none of these files on my screen, which sends me back a few pages to see what I missed since I've apparently not followed along, otherwise my screen would resemble Figure 5-18.

Starting on Page 229, it seems like the author is giving up trying to teach/demonstrate what is going on. Listing 5-9 is code for a class, but I have no idea where this code is stored within the project since no filename is referenced. There's a snippet of code on page 230 to create a mechanism for storing and passing around user information, but again there's no instruction as to where this code should go. The next few pages continue on, finally on page 240 the entire exercise is wrapped up in a brief paragraph, saying that users and groups needed to have been already created in our Active Directory and the test cases help to illustrate the power and limitations of two simple web services calls. Or not help.