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Default Efficiency

Hi people, I'm writing something and I want to make my code as efficient as possible... this is the code I've done so far to connect to a database and create a table.

This is the included file;
    function connect()
        $db = "appraisals"; //This is the database

        $mysqlhost = "localhost"; //The host which the database is installed on
        $mysqluser = "appraisals"; //Username for the database
        $mysqlpw = "appraisals"; //Password for the database

        $connection = @mysql_pconnect($mysqlhost, $mysqluser, $mysqlpw) or die //Attempt to connect, if no - report error
        ("Unable to connect to the database.");

            return $connection;
and the code to create the table;
//Connect to the database to create the sample table:
$connection = include('');
if ($connection) {
  echo ("Connection created ...");
} else {
  echo ("Error connecting to database!");
$create_table_string = "CREATE TABLE sample (".
                        "`fullname` VARCHAR(50), ".
                        "`jobtitle` VARCHAR(50), ".
                        "`salesoffice` VARCHAR(50), ". 
                        "`email` VARCHAR(50), ".
                        "`password` VARCHAR(50), ".
                        "`access` VARCHAR(50), ".
                        "PRIMARY KEY (email))";                    

$connection = mysql_connect (localhost, appraisals, appraisals);    
mysql_db_query ( "appraisals", $create_table_string )||
 die ("Can't create the table!");
echo ("Table created successfully.");
Now as you can see before the following;
mysql_db_query ( "appraisals", $create_table_string )||
I have to reconnect to the database, as it appears to close and I get the access denied error, unless I re-specify the connection.

Can anyone help me find out what I'm doing wrong? I cannot re-use;
$connection = include('');
Kev Atkinson