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Default VBA vs. Visual Studio --- which is better?

Hi all,
First, my apologies if this is not the right forum..

I am using my spare time to learn how to create macros (for the first time) in Excel and Powerpoint in order to the use the programs more efficiently (since I spend way too much time on the them :)

I am SOOOO confused as to what the scoop is with VBA vs. VB net vs Visual Studios? Is there an expert that can provide me with some guidance given that:
--> I am new to programming and only intend to learn code in order to create macros in Excel & Powerpoint

Here are my questions:
1) Which programming language should I invest my time to learn if you were in my situation? This is complicated by the fact that most corporations do are not using Office 2007 and (from my experience) are utilzing Excel 2003
2) If I choose to learn Visual Studio or VBA 2007, will my knowledge of the language enable me to use Excel 2003?
3) If I create a macro in (for eg.) excel 2007, will it run in excel 2003?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!

Excel rocks!

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