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Default problem with crystal activex viewer in

Here is my code written in .aspx file.
I am getting blank page when I run this code. Please help me out.

<TITLE>Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer</TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR=C6C6C6 leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 rightmargin=0 bottommargin=0 >
<object id="CRViewer"
    codebase="" style="height: 248px">
<param name="EnableRefreshButton" value="1" />
<param name="EnableGroupTree" value="1" />
<PARAM NAME="DisplayGroupTree" VALUE=1>
<param name="EnablePrintButton" value=1>
<PARAM NAME="EnableExportButton" VALUE=1>
<PARAM NAME="EnableDrillDown" VALUE=1>
<PARAM NAME="EnableSearchControl" VALUE=1>
<PARAM NAME="EnableAnimationControl" VALUE=1>
<PARAM NAME="EnableZoomControl" VALUE=1>


<%--<object classid="CLSID:0E70ED0E-5775-4A74-8F8D-AC2FED09928D" codebase="Bin/swebrs.dll#Version=11.0" id="webBroker"></object>
<object classid="CLSID:D6E9A4B5-843D-43E3-9A1D-45C88419942E" codebase="Bin/swebrs.dll#Version=11.0" id="webSource"></object>--%>
Sub Window_Onload

    On Error Resume Next
    Dim webBroker
    Set webBroker = CreateObject("CrystalReports11.WebReportBroker.1")
    Dim webSource
    Set webSource = CreateObject("CrystalReports11.WebReportSource.1")
    webSource.PromptOnRefresh =false
    CRViewer.ReportSource = webSource
End Sub



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