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Default erratic cursor behavior

I am having the strangest thing when I am using Access 2003 and it started suddenly without me being able to identify why.

When I am writing codes the cursor constantly acts erratic and jumps backwards without me being able separate the words even when I press the spacebar.

If I want to type the code

If Me.FirstName = "Tony" Then...

When I type the letter T the cursor jumps behind the T and I end up with the word "onyT". Also after I type the word If and press the spacebar the cursor jumps back and I get IfMe.FirstName with no space after the If. I am unable to separate some words with the spacebar.

I notice that when writing codes and this erratic cursor occurs the font color change to red the same color I get when adding comments to my codes. Sometimes I press the tab key the cursor moves to the right then jumps back to where I started.
This happens on my laptop using WindowsXP AND on my desktop using Vista. My application is Access 2003.

I import my DB into a new one and it still happens. I have all the latest updates and up to date virus and spyware protection but this still happens on BOTH computers.

It is slowing me down big time. I really hope someone can help me on this since I have a project to complete. Thanks for any suggestions


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