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Default Big challenge here! How to convert char* to char^?

[font = Book Antiqua]Hi, Folks!
I got a problem of pointer conversion. My compiler is VC++2005, so the definition of all pointers has to be ^, not * any more. But it was defined in most of available C++ APIs, e.g. GDAL. My question is how i can use pointers of them in VC++2005. [/font]

SortedList^ myList = gcnew SortedList;
char* myChar = poFeature->GetName(); //any char pointer;
char* myValue = ...;
myList->Add(myChar, myValue); // fail at compile-time, cannot cast char* to System::Object^;

even if i took safe_cast it couldn't work.
i was wondering if i can use * pointer properly in VC++2005, or i have to change my compiling command to /clr:oldSyntax?

any comments would be appreciate and welcome!