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Default How to use Mobile Emulator? Chapter 10

I am building the ASP.NET V2 web site that should be used by Mobile 6.0 devices. This is in chapter 10. I don't have any mobile devices and this is the first time I've tried this, so I'm just getting my feet wet. I downloaded and installed Windows Mobile 6 Professional from Microsoft's web site. The problem is that I don't know how to get VS5 to allow me to test a web site I'm building using a Mobile 6 emulator.

In VS5 I selected Tools, Connect to Device. It displayed a list of Mobile 6 devices, as well as a few other devices. I selected "Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator". It said that it connected. Then I typed in a URL. It displayed the message: "Cannot connect with current connection settings. To change your connection setting Tap settings.". I don't know what to type into these settings. I am using a DSL line from AT&T. I would like it to display the ASP.NET web site that is currently opened in VS5. When I right-click "Browse With" on one of the web pages, the emulator that is connected does not display as an option.

I would also like it to display actual Internet web sites whose URLs I type in. I believe that should be possible, but I get the same error message no matter which URL I type.