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Default transformNode not working in firefox

Hi All,

 I have my javscript code as following to apply xslt for the xml content present inside a div tag. This code works in ie. But not working in FireFox , Safari.

var strStyle = document.getElementById(“sStyle”).XMLDocument;
 document.getElementById(“wd”).innerHTML = document.getElementById(“forxml”).transformNod e(“strStyle”);

here is the piece of code in my asp file where the xml transformation is taking place.

<XML ID="forxml" HEIGHT="0" WIDTH="0"><%=sentence%></XML>
<XML ID="sStyle" SRC="aod.xsl"></XML>

<div id =”wd”></div>

the asp variable sentence holds the xml tag information .

This code works perfectly in Internet Explorer . But its not at all working in FireFox.

Its displaying error message as “transformNode not a function in firefox”

Please give me suggestions how to rectify this…?

Thanks in advance.