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Default Problem in Checkbox Combination & sorting method..

Hello All, I require the solution for the below mentioned problem, if anyone can please help me out...

I have find_programs.html page. It's having 11 checkboxes.

On submitting this it should show result in Result.asp page. The result containing combination of each checkbox.
For e.g. -
If Checkbox1="Yes" then Function1, Function2.
If Checkbox2="Yes" then Function2, Function3.
If Checkbox1="Yes" and Checkbox2="Yes" then Function1, Function2, Function3.

I have total 15 results into 15 Function. The question is,
1) How should I manage combination of the 11 checkboxes?
2) How should I find the common function if checkbox1 & checkbox2 both are checked?

Its all in classic ASP. Please suggest.


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