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Default Connect a package of SSIS (dtsx) like data source

Connect a package of SSIS (dtsx) like data source for SSAS (to make cubes)


I have a question about a connection with Analysis Services:

I have a big XML file with many nodes and many information, to understand better, I have a littel example called employee.xml:

   <Person familyName="Gates" firstName="Bob">
       <Address street="Pine Rd." number="1239" state="CA"/>
       <JobInfo jobDescription="Manager"/>
       <Description>Family man</Description>
  <Person familyName="Brown" firstName="Robert">
      <Address street="118 St." number="344" state="NY"/>
      <JobInfo jobDescription="Group Leader"/>
  <Person familyName="DePaiva" firstName="Kassie">
      <Address street="Pine Rd." number="1234" state="CA"/>
      <JobInfo jobDescription="Actor"/>

I want to create a project in Visual Studio for Analysis Services to make cubes using exclusively the XML file "employee.xml", I tryed with many providers without success.

I don't want to use temporal tables in SQL Server to store all the XML file, I need to use directly this information.

For that reason, I tryed with SSIS (with many packages to retrieve the information), I created a package to do it, but in SSAS, in the moment to create a new data source, in providers, I choose DTS package, and copy the full path of the package but show a dialog that the package is not a store package and I can't do more.

In addition:
* I'm using Sharepoint technology which stores the information in binary format and renders the information in xml format.
* I built a package in SSIS 2005 which get this information through a web service and store it in a Data Reader Task (all in SSIS). (my objective is not use temporal tables stored in SQL Server, it means move the information from the package like data source for SSAS project directly).
* So, I'm here and I'd like to know: how to configure the package, is it necessary?, which provider I have to use (in SSAS)? or another solution that you have maded.

Please if you have a way to do it, please help me.


See you