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Default Schema Diagramming

I've been trying to create schema diagrams for some databases.

I've tried with two different tools:

The database diagrammer in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise manager
  Con: The diagrams are about as aesthetically pleasing as Jed Clampett's first house.
  Con: The tool is somewhat clumsy to use. Limited formatting options.
  Pro: I do like the fact that the structures of the tables are linked to the existing structures on a real-time basis.

The database diagrammer in Visio
  Pro: The diagrams are much more aesthetically pleasing.
  Pro: It is much easier to control what part of the diagram is on which page.
  Pro: It is easy to move table diagrams from one page to another.
  Pro: It is easy to change the size and orientation of a page.
  Con: Table structures need to be re-imported after any structural changes are made.
  Big Con: The lines that show links do not always remain attached to the appropriate table(s).

Does anyone have any usage hints or alternate tool suggestions?