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Default Problem with deployment

I have a web application developed (my first) on my local PC. I run debug and all is fine. Now I want to create a set up project. I add the set up project to the same solution. I run the build/rebuild. All is fine. Now I want to install, click the install and the set up wizard comes up. I select the site - Default We Site and a set my virtual directory and click next. It finishes the installation without any errors. Now I look in IIS and see the entry under Default Web Site. When I click the site I see a bin directory that is empty. I click the property and see my my local path = C:\inetpub\wwwroot\BSPropService\.
From here I am confused as to be able to launch the application. Under the bin directory I am used to seeing an exe (from windows environment). How do I proceed from here???? Do I need to create an URL?