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Default Error in Chapter 11 Sample Code

The sample code 'Proposal Manager' in Chapter 11 has an error in the setup.bat file that will prevent installation of the application. The bat file has the following entry in the :LDeply segment:
   echo Activating feature ProjectProposalItemEventReceiver ...
    "%SPAdminTool%" -o activatefeature -id 7b451019-6e9a-407e-8af9-b1fe9e8a5b1f -url %TargetUrl%

It has also this entry in the LRetract segment:
  echo Deactivating feature ProjectProposalItemEventReceiver ...
    "%SPAdminTool%" -o deactivatefeature -id 7b451019-6e9a-407e-8af9-b1fe9e8a5b1f -url %TargetUrl%

These are references to an inexistent feature. To install, just comment out these entries by prefacing them with 'echo"

Also, ensure that Site Definition has a unique ID. The sample uses 10001. If you have done any previous customization and used this number, installation will fail