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Default how to play audio

hi friends,

I am developing a webapplication (using ASP.NET 2.0). In that I need to play audio file in the following scenario.

Case 1: Only one file will be given as input to audio device.Untill the user presses ALT+F4 it should continue playing.

Case 2: more than one Audio file will be given as I/P to audio device. They will be placed in cue, so one after one they will be played. Here, if the user presses ALT+F4 the playing should be stopped and audio device should not play the remaining files which are in cue. It have to clear it's memory.

I tried with mcisendstring function (winmm.dll)using open, break, play, close command strings. I used "break" bcoz I am playing audio files in "wait mode". But I failed in case 2. whats happening is , if the user presses ALT+F4 then the file which is currently playing is stopped. But the files which are in cue are getting played.

So I request u to suggest how to meet my requirement,

Thank U all