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Default What are the steps to recreate this database?

My other thread doesn't seem to be getting any response, so I'm willing to build the DB from scratch.

My problem is nothing recognizes it.
#1) I ran aspnet_regsql.exe tool from command line and once I've done with by just double clicking.
#2) I ran the scripts CreateAllObjects.
#3) ASP NET Config tool errors when trying to create users.
NOTE: Keep in mind this is using the same code as the BeerHouse minus code for features: Store, Newsletter, Polls.
Yes my connnection string points to the db.

I have VS2005 and SQLExpress 2005.
Again, I'm just trying to rebuild the DB as they did when the developed it and I'm having a problem attaching or something.
Now I can attach in Server Solution, but when ASP NET Config won't create users for it. An error comes up.

So anyone have the step by step instructions on BUILDING the database from ground up?