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Default How to pass the dynamic XML file name to XSL

Hi All,
The text below is part of the XSL which is define the object's param for the FLASH. This FLASH object is used bytes.xml file. But instead of hard-coded here bytes.xml I would like to pass this file name to XSL file because each user has different bytes.xml file.
So Is there any way that I can pass the file name to XSL file which is defined at the run time. We are using xalan of Apache

<xsl:param name="file" select="'xml/bytes.xml'"/>
<PARAM NAME="quality" VALUE="high"/>
<PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE="charts.swf" stage_width="720" stage_height="190" library_path="charts_library" xml_source="{$file}"/>

How do you set the parameter depends on the C++ XSLT processor you're using


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