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Default Need urgent Help

Hi All,

I have a problem in 2.0.

Topic is:

Through 2.0 i have to open a Office Document (.doc/.docx/.xls/.xlsx/.ppt/.pptx) and send it to a local printer for printing.

for that i had written a Class which will open the appropriate office application in the background using interop objects.

i have 2 webforms 1 is the main form which will call a model popup page. From the model popup page i am call the Class for printing.

now the problem is:

1) Print Dialog is not displaying in top of the Model popup page.

2) every thing is working fine when i am running the application from VS2005. But when i hosted the application in IIS server and checking the site from the client system i am getting error.
it is asking to change the <customerror> mode to off/remoteonly. even i had set customerror mode to off. But still i am getting the same error.

if any one know's the solution Please provide me.

Bhaskar Kiran

Bhaskar Kiran