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Default Private Messages in Forum

I've got a design question I'd like to run by the braintrust here...

I'm working on developing a private messaging system within the Forum module so members can converse without worrying about exposing their email addresses. I'm thinking of using two database tables, one for conversation threads and another for the messages themselves. The issue I'm having is whether there is a better way to link the conversation threads to the 2 members other than having it set up so there's a field for Member1 (the initial sender) and Member2 (the initial recipient), and then using a stored procedure to GetConversationByUser, the control parameter being WHERE Member1 OR Member2 = @User.

I don't see why this wouldn't work, but I'm fairly novice in expanding these modules, so I'd like some feedback if anyone can think of a better way, or if this would be sufficient.

Thanks in advance!