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Default ticking off records with an update query

I have a query with the following data.
what I would like to have happen is for each year whare they have at least 40 points I would like to mark that year as a vesting year.
if they have less than 40 I would like that to be a non-vesting year.
if they have 4 non vesting years I would like to mark all their records as forfeit. and last if they have 10 vesting years to mark their main record as vested.
one last thing. the non-vesting dosn't start till you have a vested year. so in this example the 33 would be ignored and the counting would start with the 42

is it posable to do this with querys and update queries. or would i need to use vba code?
Trainer Code Year SumOfPoint
83 2002 33
83 2003 42
83 2004 54
83 2005 59
83 2006 98
83 2007 104
83 2008 12

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