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Default Problem with Precompiled Usercontrols

Hi all,

Can any one help me out!

Am using Denis Bauer's HierarGrid( A hierarchical DataGrid that displays master-detail relations) which internally uses a Usercontrol.

I have precompiled the project with the Fixedname option and published the site. am using just XCopy Depolyment.

After the application is published the usercontrolName.ascx is mixing in the Controls folder. Due to which am getting error while accessing the site b'coz this userControlName.ascx is missing in the Control folder as HierarGrid template is assigned to this usercontrol.

Code Snippetprotected void HG1_TemplateSelection(object sender, Bauer.Web.UI.WebControls.HierarGridTemplateSelecti onEventArgs e)


//Loading the Internal Data of each Row Item.By calling the User Control(userControlName.ascx).

e.TemplateFilename = "Controls\\" + "userControlName.ascx";


How can use Pre-Compiled UserControls? Is this possible? If Yes How can i go with it?