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Default Chapter 12: Page 410 - Try it out

I'm enjoying chapter 12 so much that I am taking my time and experimenting. LOL

I was wondering if you could give me some hints on how to deal with the following problems (just hints so I can try to figure it out myself):

When I click on Jazz in the Reviews page, then on a title, I go to the AddEditReviews page. I have no way of going back to the Reviews page while (postback ?) where it remembers the list of items under Jazz. I have to click refresh and choose the item again.

Do I use need to create some sort of postback to remember???

When you click the cancel button, it clears the form is there is text in it. Can you give me a few hints on how to do the following:

1.) Create a postback so it will remember the item I chose while it displays the list.

2. Change the details view from

Update | Cancel


Update | Clear | Cancel

where Clear will do what cancel presently does and the new Cancel will postback to the Reviews showing the title and list of items previously chosen.

I hope I haven't confused you.

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