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Default Using javascript to open a page

     I have a pretty strange problem. I am displaying 3 different frames in an aspx page, the top frame is a toolbar, the left frame displays a html page and the third, right frame displays an aspx page. On the right frame I have a datagrid with a link button and once the link button is clicked, it creates the html page, displaying it in the left frame. When the button is initially cliched when the page first loads it works fine however the page does not refresh every time a different link button is clicked. The html page is being created every time but it will not change in the frame. Here is my code:

 Public Sub Report_Arguments (Src As Object, Args As CommandEventArgs)

Args.CommandArgument & "<br/>"
Dim tempParam As String
 Dim objWriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter("D:\IISRoot\newhtml.html")
objWriter.Write("<HTML><OBJECT CLASSID="+"""clsid:B97E13D0-0BB8-4BCC-85FA-348087269A7E"""+" WIDTH="+"""100%"""+""+ " HEIGHT="+""+"""100%"""+""+"><PARAM NAME="+"URL "+ "VALUE="+"""P:\twhitmarsh\PATHCGMS\"+ tempParam +""""+"></OBJECT></HTML>")
End Sub

  Public Sub MyClick(Byval Index As String) 
  Dim popupScript As String
  popupScript="<script language='javascript'>"+"'IPCGen.aspx?Fig="+ FigNumb + "&Text="+Index + "','ipcframe');<"+"/script>"
  Page.RegisterStartupScript("popupScript", popupScript)
   Dim popupScript2 As String
  popupScript2="<script language='javascript'>"+"'newhtml.html','cgmframe');<"+"/script>"
  Page.RegisterStartupScript("popupScript2", popupScript2)

    The Report_Arguments function is called in the OnClick event of the link button. Any thoughts? TIA

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