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Default Resizing and moving new window through opener

While studying "Navigating and opening new windows" under section "The window object", Chapter:5(JavaScript in the Browser), Page No:142 Book title: "Professional JavaScriptâ„¢ for Web Developers" by Nicholas C. Zakas, Wiley Publishing Inc. , I found following code which doesn't work actually.

var oNewWin ="","wroxwindow",
"height=150,width=300,top=10,left=10,resizable=yes ");
oNewWin.moveTo(100, 100);
oNewWin.resizeTo(200, 200);

You can't move or resize the new opened window through 'oNewWin'. It gives "Permission denied" error.
You can only close that window by

Can anyone tell me the way to do this?


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