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Default chap 19 : parse-gedcom.xsl

With oXygen XML Editor 9.2 on Mac, I tried from the xslt debugger with Saxon 9B to have parse-gedcom.xsl work with input kennedy.ged.

Before running the debugger, I had configured a parameter input = '/Users/jacquesfauquex/Downloads/ch19/kennedy.ged'

After running the debugger, the result window shows

Location: 1:0
Description: Content is not allowed in prolog.
E Content is not allowed in prolog. - 1:0
F Content is not allowed in prolog. - 1:0

... it looks like that xslt doesn't like to parse a text document instead of a xml document. Though, to parse text document is what the example wants to demostrate...

What do I do wrong?

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