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Default Query issue

I've messed around with this for a while and still no joys. I am trying to get access 2000 to bring out the right results

For each employee select the 67th percentile value of ascending ordered field of orders placed between certain dates.

the date field criteria is normally "BETWEEEN Date() and Date()-365" or "BETWEEN Date() and Date()-180"

the fields are

intcaseid this field only appeared as a check on what access was doing

I only want 1 result for each employee so the resultant would look like

J Bloggs 8.9%
A Smith 10.1%
A Other 7.5%
S Butts 6.9%

If I run the query with a specified employeeid e.g. "WHERE employeeid=5", I get a very different result if I group on employeeid.

E.g. I get grouped "J Bloggs 7.5%" and specific "J. Bloggs 8.9%"

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