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Default VB Scripting

I have to write a Vb script for uninstalling the software from the systems on network.
I have already written scripts for uninstallation using msiexec.exe and it worked but when I tried it for unistalling one of the google software, it doesnt work, n then i checked the installation script for that software, I find that a different method is used to install it rather than the normal using .msi and .mst formats.

I am also adding the installation lines:
strAppInstallPath = strAppsShareRoot & "\Google\Sketchup.Pro.6\install.bat " & strAppsShareRoot & "\Google\Sketchup.Pro.6\googlesketchupprowen.e xe /a /s /sms /f1" & strAppsShareRoot & "\Google\Sketchup.Pro.6\setup.iss /f2c:\setup.log"
' ***** Install Sketchup 6 if it's not already installed
If (IsProductInstalled("{12E75B98-8463-4C1F-8DDA-F6CF31566A55}") = False) Then
    WshShell.Run strAppInstallPath,2,True
    objfso.CopyFile strAppsShareRoot & "\google\\server.dat", "c:\program files\google\Google SketchUp 6\", True
    objfso.CopyFile strAppsShareRoot & "\google\\Ruby_Script\SimplifyContou rs.rb", "C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\Plugins", True
End If

so can any body suggest me that how can I uninstall thi s software using scripts
I have tried:
If (IsProductInstalled("{12E75B98-8463-4C1F-8DDA-F6CF31566A55}") = True) Then
WshShell.Run "msiexec.exe /uninstall {12E75B98-8463-4C1F-8DDA-F6CF31566A55} /quiet",,True

End If
' ***** Update log for this workstation (check to see if it uninstalled successfully)
        If (IsProductInstalled(strProductID) = False) Then
            WshShell.LogEvent EVENT_SUCCESS, "Uninstalled " + strProductName
            ' ***** Exit the script if product couldn't be removed
            WshShell.LogEvent EVENT_ERROR, "Unable to remove " + strProductName
            Wscript.Quit 0
        End If

but its not working
It runs bt doesnt uninstall........

Need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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