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Default User Accounts ASPNET.mdf

I have an ASPNET application running on LAN intranet created with WebDev 2005. At the time, I used a modified version of one of their quickstart samples which included user accounts administration.
I no longer have WebDev 2005 installed but now have WebDev 2008 and it seemingly does no longer have this same feature built in.

(The application is deployed on the server of this intranet. WebDev is not installed there but on a client pc.)

Unfortunately, the application stopped recognizing my user name and paswords. It can connect to the SQL Server instance but does no longer recognize the password.

My questions are now:

1) Can I still administer users and passwords as before with the web based administration tool (I just cannot find out how to connect to this now, as it was being called via the Web dev menu.
How would I do it?

2) Anyone having any experience why suddenly user names / passwords are no longer recognized? Entries for the users still exist in the ASPNET.mdf but they are not plain text. I do know the correct name and password which used to work, that is not the problem.


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