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Default Chapter 1 Ctrl+F5 don't work, F5 does work?

I'm new to ASP. Bought this book (Beginning 3.5) and am starting to work through it.
I installed the express web developer (I also have VS 2005 on this machine). I did the "Hello World" (Chapter 1) put in the code and pressed Ctrl+F5 and the browser (IE7) displayed a blank page. I started VS 2005 and created the "Hello World" example there and the Ctrl+F5 works there. It opened a different port. I copied the url and pasted it into the address window from the blank page browser changed the port to the port from the express web developer 2008 and it works fine as does pressing F5. I checked that the dot net framework 3.5 is installed and it is.
A coworker has the full version of web developer installed and Ctrl+F5 works on his machine.

So my question is: 1. Is this known behavior with express, or is it a configuration issue with my installation? 2. If it is a bug in the code is there a patch for it, or do I live with it? 3. If this is a bug without a fix should this be posted as an errata explanation


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