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Default menu items visible always once heading selected.

Have a menu in in my master page with datasource of a sitemap. When I hover over the each heading the menu items appear fine as normal, then disappear when i move the mouse to another part of the page.
Thing is ,I want the menu to stay visible, so when the user selctets say the 'home' menu , the menu appears below, but when they move the mouse away, the list of items is still show, how can this be done?
here is my sitemap code:
<siteMap xmlns="" enableLocalization="true">

<siteMapNode url="DefaultAdmin.aspx" title="HR Menu" description="" >

<siteMapNode url="Team.aspx" title="Team Admin" description=""></siteMapNode>

<siteMapNode title="Information Admin" description="Employee Admin" url="Employee.aspx"/>


Thank You