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Default Printing from VB 2008

I am a long time VB6 programmer of very modest ability, and I tend to write programs that manipulate a database. I have developed a module that allows me to print a page, but can find no equivalent in VB 2008, and my module will not translate automatically.

When printing I want to position fields and strings in various places about the page until I have the document I want, and then I send it to the printer.

My module works something like this:

Call PrnLine(font,size,attribute,x_location,y_location, txtString)

And it does just what I asked it to do. I repeat this call until my entire page is formatted, and then I send it to the printer.

The syntax to write this in 2008 fully escapes me, and there are so many more options and things to set up that for my last project I simply wimped out and went back to VB6.

Perhaps someone knows how to do what I want to do?
Perhaps someone can clue me in on how to write a single string in exactly the place that I want it to be on a page, and I can figure out the rest from there.

Thanks for your help,