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Default Custom Membership Provider

The built in Membership provider seems overly complicated and somewhat cumbersome to me, at least for my single TBH website project. For instance, the way in which profile properties are added via winconfig declarations, and saved to the DB as a concatenated string value is inefficient and unintuitive.

I've been contemplating rolling my own membership class and data tables, but wanted to know if any of you have attempted this already, and what advice you would offer. I'm not sure if extending the built in Membership with custom providers is the way to go, or if I should just do all user related work (i.e.: login, security, roles, etc...) myself.

One advantage I see is being able to use an identity field for foreign key references rather than the username. This should also allow me to safely cache larger amounts of data as well.

Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated - Scott.