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Default Kernow question

Kernow is indeed a fine GUI.

Comparing Kernow result on othello.xml and wordcount.xsl is different to direct use of saxon9.jar (this is analog to the book)

Kernow seems to stop too early not finishing the count and therefor not sorting the result.

I could not find an executiontimelength parameter?

Excerpt of the Kernow output:
   <word word="lips" frequency="8"/>
   <word word="foolish" frequency="8"/>
   <word word="wine" frequency="<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <word word="i" frequency="899"/>
   <word word="and" frequency="796"/>
   <word word="villain" frequency="19"/>
   <word word="thing" frequency="19"/>
   <word word="therefore"
First ... means not shown.
Second ... means: and so on and the last three lines are shown.
Meaning I caught an error in Kernow?