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Default How to change ASP variable in VBScript

Hi Friends,

I created an asp file with some variables.
I declare status variable and assigned a default value.
STO ="Online"

I want to change STO in VA script logevent procedure.

I am trying to use set as <% set STO = "new value" %>

It does not work.

Every Experts, How to change ASP variable in VBScript?


New web person

**********source code***********
<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<body bgcolor="white" >

Dim GUIPar
Dim GUIPar2
STO ="Online"
GUIPar = Request.QueryString("para1")

response.write "<center><b>Status :</b>"&STO&"&nbsp&nbsp;"&now()&"<br></center>"
GUIPar ="00000001"
if cstr(GUIPar) ="" or IsNull( GUIPar ) then
Response.Redirect "http://localhost/error1.asp"
end if


<script Language="VBScript">

dim GUID
dim objCurrentEntity
dim x
x =0

GUID = "{<%=GUIPar%>}"

Sub Proxy_OnLogon
    im st
    MsgBox "Successful Logon"
   st = Proxy.IsLoggedOn

if st = False then

   <% set STO = "Offline Service" %>
end if

End Sub


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