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Default Classic ASP in Visual Developer Express 2008

Hi All,
I have lots of experience with static web pages & I just got asked to help figure out how to fix an old database (from 2000) that was working great until getting attacked by sql injections multiple time in the past few months. It totally destroyed the database and corrupted the asp pages used to create the xml files and the database.

I am currently trying to teach myself using beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 (Buser/Kaufman et al). & since I don't have an asp server handy I downloaded the latest VIsual web developer express 2008 from Microsoft. Chapter 1 was ok, but when I run the code examples from chapter 2, I get a declaration expected error on the line that says:
Response.Write Date

Any suggestions? I'd just as soon learn the new stuff, but this whole asp site is in classic asp, so how can I practice/try out code fixes without making the site worse?

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