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Default SRS2005 List report having page break issues

Hi all,

I’m having problems getting a List report to page break when appropriate, but to not have a second all-blank page.

Every page taken up by a List control (List1), which shows the detail of a complaint. (The data for one complaint sometimes slops over onto more than one page, that’s cool.) There are miscellanous fields like the logo, title, complaint number, & contact name, and then there are two Subreports showing details about the inspections and the violations for the complaint. I’ve defined the subreports as only about an inch high, but they can and do grow.

When I have List1 being about 10” long (there are half-inch margins on the page), and a test complaint only has about 2/3 of a page of stuff to print, a second blank page prints. I’m guessing that this is because each of the subreports ends up being 2 or 3 inches high, which shoves the unused portion of the 10” long list down onto a second page. You’d think that the subreports would expand *into* the List control, instead of making the List control expand. !?!?

OK, so I shorten List1 to be just barely contain the subreports, so my test complaint prints on one page just fine. But when I then select to print all of the complaints for one inspector, each new List1 doesn’t start over on its own physical page! They’re right below where List1 would have stopped.
This is despite the fact that:
    Report: Page is 8.5in, 11in Margins are0.5in, 0in, 0.5in, 1in (left/right/top/bottom)
    Body: 7.5in, 9.5in
    List1: 7.35in, 9.35in PageBreakAtEnd is True

Does anyone know what the secret is to striking the balance here? Thanks very much in advance!

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