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Default Where to obtain 3rd party components

I am new to .NET (learning C#). Previously I have mainly worked in Delphi. I am using Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition.

I am working on a Windows App.

I was very surprised to find VS2005 Std. has only the very basic components (buttons, edit box, etc.) - a fraction of the components that come with Delphi (and I am using Delphi 5, an old version). Among other things, I am looking for a SpinEdit control, and I'm sure I'll want a lot more

So my first question is: are there more components packaged with VS2008? If do get VS2008. I don't see that the Pro edition has that much more (that I'm looking for) than the Standard edition, but I"m willing to listen to arguments to the contrary.

Also I don't see that many third party .NET components on the Internet and I would appreciate any tips about where to look. Open Source, free components would be especially welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Bate

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